I’ve always viewed art as a form of communication and it seems that there are many things within us that speak most eloquently through artistic expression. The act of creation strikes me as the most honest way in which we humans can offer a glimpse of ourselves to the world at large. The creative process also serves as a way for one to understand ones own psyche and give voice to things within oneself that are not readily understood.

I grew up in Minneapolis and currently live in rural Minnesota where it’s much more mellow and there’s abundant nature to wander through.


I’m fascinated by jewelry because people seem to have an intimate relationship with their favorite pieces. Over time, a simple piece of jewelry can evolve into a personal symbol that calls forth memories and offers one strength or a sense of happiness.

I’m primarily inspired by objects and components that are mass produced and readily available, yet slightly unusual in form because it’s an interesting challenge to find ways to produce jewelry using odd shapes and materials. I also like taking apart vintage machines to see what unusual parts I can find in order to form jewelry pieces around them.


One of my favorite things to do is draw with black ink on white paper because you can express so much with such simple materials. Working with ink also forces you to take care with your work because you cannot erase any mistakes or undo any poor decisions – you have to fix them, incorporate them into the piece, or reconsider your choices and try something new. I make an effort to approach life in a similar fashion.

I rarely have time to draw anymore but I do have quite a few semi-finished drawings. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to finish them as time progresses…